Thursday, May 7, 2009

research and interview questions

research questions- Just to let you know i am interviewing a MTA BUS Driver who used to be the boss in a antic toy store called Fun Antics, he was also a did a moving job, and work on making lenticular lenses. Those are the images that change when you tilt them, is also a long time music player, makes his own songs, and was in many bands himself.

1) What is more staining on the job emotional labor or physical labor?
2) Are there to many restraints and needless rules on the job?
3) Does the values of the person affect their role on the job?
4) What status does the job give?
*note these are just some off of the top of my head i hope to make more as i go along

Interview Questions
1) How did you get here?
2) What did you do before becoming a bus driver?
3) Do you think you achieve something as a bus driver?
4) What does a usual day on the job consist of?
5) Have you ever thrown someone off the bus? If so why?
6) How do you deal with your usual customers?
7) do you feel appreciated?
8)Have you ever broken some rules on your job? Like what?
9) If you could change something on your job what would it be?
10) What do people think when they hear of you job?
11) Do you treat everyone equally on the job?
12) How does you job affect you social life

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  1. Great questions - both research and interview. You're ready to go ahead and do the interview. And sorry I've been remiss on commenting on your blog! More comments to come. . ..