Thursday, May 7, 2009

research and interview questions

research questions- Just to let you know i am interviewing a MTA BUS Driver who used to be the boss in a antic toy store called Fun Antics, he was also a did a moving job, and work on making lenticular lenses. Those are the images that change when you tilt them, is also a long time music player, makes his own songs, and was in many bands himself.

1) What is more staining on the job emotional labor or physical labor?
2) Are there to many restraints and needless rules on the job?
3) Does the values of the person affect their role on the job?
4) What status does the job give?
*note these are just some off of the top of my head i hope to make more as i go along

Interview Questions
1) How did you get here?
2) What did you do before becoming a bus driver?
3) Do you think you achieve something as a bus driver?
4) What does a usual day on the job consist of?
5) Have you ever thrown someone off the bus? If so why?
6) How do you deal with your usual customers?
7) do you feel appreciated?
8)Have you ever broken some rules on your job? Like what?
9) If you could change something on your job what would it be?
10) What do people think when they hear of you job?
11) Do you treat everyone equally on the job?
12) How does you job affect you social life

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poat 3 Class

when it comes to class I'm not that high up there or at least i think so. Class is something given and in my early year of life i lived in a tent on a reservation in New Mexico. I was a lower class citizen for sure and my mom tried so hard to get me out of there to move us into a new home, where my dads anger and the worlds disappoint and pity wouldn't get us. later we got a respectable house in New York with some relatives help and my my moms boyfriend at the time(now married and had 3 more kids)

This is here i became an upper lower class and became a minority before coming to the city i had many Native American kids to play with all very proud and all there for each other. In New York i could relate to 2 people and that's my mom and step dad. My class affect how most people treated me the teachers would give me more help, kid would feel out of place with me, and i myself felt out of place. My class affect my grades, and my learning experience. later in life we became middle class and moved out of Manhattan and into a house in queens. I was them better able to relate to people thanks to cable and my new found spending money. My parents also became more active and started to get into a more relaxing state as well. My new found sisters would not have to go though as much as i did.

As you can see my childhood was majorly affected by the class i had gained from my parents and my race. I was a rare thing to see in New york, and because of this i was show off as much i was shunned by most other races. My class also gave me different values then most others. I grew up with no money so now i try to keep most of it safe. I have more lower class values as you would say and i only spend money on things i need or i know I'm truly going to enjoy. My class has made me who i am and shaped the way i see the world.

Post 4 what work is

When i read the poem by Levine, i see how it does relate to our topic and i think i get what he's trying to say. In his poem he talks about knowing what work is and talks about how he waited in line because he needed work. He also goes on to talk about his brother and there relationship. and then tells us that we don't know what work is. I think he means that work is the effort you put into it. If you work hard and keep you head up and things will go good for you. He brings up how he wait for the job and did his part. But in the end didn't get the job. he talk about about how his brother does his job so he can so what he likes. I think he also thinks a job is the backbone of your life and without it your nothing. A Job defines you and lets you do what you want. A job is a neccestity and also a curse. This is what i get out from this or at least i think it means.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My status in my life Post 2

Well another post for eng 101 and now its about our status in our community and how we feel about our own status. well in my family it was always about doing something we liked or thought was worth while that gave anyone in the family status. That probably why i became a musician and why I'm in college right now to aspire to my dream job. My family also thought that even if u didn't have a job that requires a education you should have gotten one anyway. In my family (especially on my moms side) there is a big thing with how much education you get if u didn't go to high school your the low man on the totem pole. But on my dad side i was inspired to do what i want with my life and if you were happy then you where high up there in the family. The more you smile the more people on my dad side smile back in approval. So as you can see for me happiness and education are what are important to me and now that i think about it its a good combination.

but with my friends its more about your talents and being more social that gets you status. Like my friend Henry for example he a guitarist, plays the piano, and bass. Not to mention he makes jewelry and can fix almost anything.(and i really mean anything) hes like the leader so to speak and then comes Oscar, me and Eric. its not like we look down on other people more like we "follow the biggest man" so to speak. Then their's my Native American friends, they prefer activism and trying to help as many people as you can. They believe in justice as a status. the more you give the more you get. Lots of times I'm drag into a activist meeting or a drive because of them but its fun and worth it.

Now all these things that i now notice i see have affected how i judge myself and how i see status. Status to me is shown by doing the right thing and aspiring to be something important and enjoyable to you. If you are content with your life then I think high of you. I see how status helps reflect on what you think is most important.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post 1 a day in my shoes at work

Well 1st topic given to us by our Professor and well its about what else but work. Ive been in many careers but i think the on that i have right now is the most enjoyable. I'm a drum teacher for mostly little kids. It feels good to pass something on to another and doing something I love is even better. Ive always tried to have a good work ethic dressed well and do what i do best and play the drums and helps other out with it. I unusually try to be nice and respectful to what i call newbies, and for the most part I'm respected back. I go from house to house of my students and teach them what to do. and how to play, how to keep a beat, and what beat goes with what time 3/4, 4/4, 2/4. That's always fun cause i get to show off and have a little ego boost.

But then there's the annoying drills that come first. I like to ask parents or the student themselves to make sure to do the warm up drills before i get there because it waste precious time while I'm in their with them that could be used to teach something new. I usually try to show something new every other week and when i move from one week to the next i always use the last 30 minutes for a jam session its basically fun time for both of us, ill pick up a bass or a guitar and let them do what they want with the beat and tempo. 2 weeks ago a student blew my mind with a song they made, and said how i helped inspire it!

It was by one of my students named Chris a shy little guy good at keeping the beat and great at integrating the toms into the beat and in fillers. His parents are proud of what drumming has done for him and hes the perfect example of how music can truly make your life into something magical. but the only reason hes gotten good is not because of my teachings but because he practiced all the time and was never afraid to call and ask a question even when i wasn't there he would look up videos and learn from that.

I always tell them to practice everything and anything i teach cause if you wanna do good you got to plan on practicing and working hard. If not then I'm getting paid to got into your house and do nothing but please my need to try and help others. There's always the boring stuff like there the snare exercises and and doing the same thing over and over and slower and slower
( with playing slower keeping the beat and integrating fillers gets much harder). Many times i get a call saying a student is giving up because its hard. It hurts to hear even more now because I've gotten that call over 20 times.

Right now I'm only teaching about 10 kids and 3 adults i meet with them for 2 hours usually 3 times a week usually Saturday and Sunday, and Mondays but i also have some times on Thursdays(1 class right after our class) and Fridays. But that can change often I never know when i have to schedule in another class because they cant make it. I have to be VERY relaxed with my own schedule because of this. But work is work and getting paid about 25 dollars an hour is great. And its what i like to do so i think its worth it, and i never really had any problems with any of my students so I'm happy. I glad to have this job and sure its very uneasy but least I enjoy it, and along with me doing the job right it helps others discover a talent they never thought they had.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


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